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My Thoughts on FFXIV’s look and Feel

Final fantasy’s new version a Realm Reborn will come to us soon. I have already tired the beta of that new version and got sorta amount of ffxiv gil, and now I would like to share my feeling of how this new one works.

I was unpleasantly surprised to discover a laggy mess with a terrible frame rate when my computer should be more than up to the job of running it on high settings. I quit in disgust, as the performance issues impacted gameplay to a significant degree.

I made the beautiful, silky-smooth, 60 frames per second animation of Final Fantasy XIV all the more pleasant to encounter. The frame rate didn't drop once, even in areas populated with seemingly hundreds of players such as towns or the new FATE battles -- more on those later.
The animation was slick and everything looked good, bar a few noticeable graphic glitches here and there that will hopefully be ironed out by the time the game is officially released. There was also an odd issue whereby after I'd played the game once, it would inexplicably cap the frame rate to about 25fps until I changed the resolution to something else then back to its usual settings.

Final Fantasy is certainly no slouch on the graphics front. It looks considerably better than XI, but that isn't saying much; XI looked pretty dated when it was originally released and looks even worse now. XIV at least looks like a mid-range current-generation single-player game, which is nice to see, all too often MMORPGs sacrifice graphical fidelity in favor of being able to run on as wide a variety of machines as possible.

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