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FFXIV Distant Play is available on PS4

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn director and producer Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that the game will support Remote Play on its PS4 version. Yoshida explained that players will be able to level up, craft, and enjoy all the other activities of the latest Final Fantasy from anywhere using Remote Play.
When players decide they need to summon the resourcefulness of a large screen, they can easily transfer back to the PS4 using the click of a button.In our interview with Yoshida, he stated that Square Enix has been working to make the transition for PS4 players as easy as possible. Those who purchase the PS4 version will not only be able to play with PS3 and PC players, but will have some nice perks.

Sharing game footage instantly using the Share button is one benefit that many will enjoy, while being able to play remotely using the Vita is something any MMO fan can find useful.With a release window of 2014, it isn't far-fetched to think we'll be seeing one of the decade's best MMOs jump to PS4 during the early months of the year. March 2014 would be my guess.
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