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Final Fantasy XIV a wonderful and accessible MMO

I’ve had enough with massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Not because I had some sort of addiction, but I was just tired of it all; the hotbars filled with spells and attacks, the constant quests from nagging villagers,mass murder of woodland creatures. After playing years of stuff, I thought I had had my fill.
But you know which MMO I didn’t play? 2010′s Final Fantasy XIV. As much as I love the Final Fantasy series (I’ve beaten every main-numbered, single-player entry), I had heard nothing but frustrating things about FFXIV. And Critics regarded it as a boring, confusing mess.

In spite of my MMO fatigue, I was extremely eager to see what a reboot of this magnitude is like. Surprisingly ,I discovered my new favorite in the genre. Well, someone at publisher Square Enix must have agreed. Instead of trying to fix its blunder with a few patches, Square went ahead and relaunched the whole thing. The result is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, out now for PC and PlayStation 3.
Additionally,with ample FFXIV Gil, you are increasing your chance of losing battles with mediocre beast that could otherwise be easily beaten, of succumbing to your enemies, and of being inferior to peers.