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Choose to buy ffxiv power leveling on KFCgold is Totally Safe

Final Fantasy XIV has come out for many days. During this period, many ff14 players like to buy ffxiv power leveling in order to reach the highest level in the shortest time.

A lot of customers contacted us asking if our power leveling server is safe. So we would like to explain something here to let you know how safe is our power leveling service.

We locate in the different country with a lot of our customers. After we receive your order, we will only use the proxy which will be the same as your country, then your account will not be tracked, so it will be very safe.

We never store any of your personal information of your wow account, and we will just delete your information once the power leveling is done. So you do not need to worry that your personal information will be disclosed.

We have more than 100 computers in our power leveing department; also we have more than 80 professional gamers who are very skillful. All of our powerleveling will be done 100% manually. We never use any illegal methods like botting to do powerleveling, so it is pretty safe.

So I guess you have finished reading all of the above. Now I am sure you will be very confident to buy powerleveling service on Just contact our 24/7 livechat if you have any question and they will be very happy to help you.