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The latest Review of FFXIV ARR Online Game

I always like reading other people’s review about final fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. After doing ffxiv power leveling for about a month, now I am very familiar with this game, so I would like to say something about it.

Players flow from quest giver to quest giver, smaller tasks giving way to larger story arcs, eventually coalescing into a story not unlike that of a traditional single-player Final Fantasy game. You know those Heroes of Light the series has been going on about since 1987? You might be one of those. Crystals are involved. No one can resist the crystals.

Players are gaining experience points to earn new levels and learn new skills to slot onto their hot bar, but instead of a Wizard or a Fighter, they're a Summoner or a Dragoon. They're undertaking quests to rescue non-player characters from harm, but these NPCs have names like Biggs and Wedge. The fantasy lands they are traversing are gorgeously rendered Final Fantasy lands. The music they are battling to is beautifully orchestrated Final Fantasy music.

Characters in A Realm Reborn have the ability to learn every single class in the game, crafting, gathering and adventuring, and swapping between them is as simple as equipping the tools of the trade. With a spear in hand, my main character is a level 31 Dragoon. Swap the spear for a wand, and he's a level 8 White Mage with the important Protect buff, which I can share with my other adventuring classes.