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The Aura Kingdom Newbie Guide

So you wanna play Aura Kingdom and have no idea where to start? Lets hope this little guide helps you out a bit. In here I will explain and describe the basic need to know info, what makes AK different from

Aura Kingdom Money Making Guide

Making money in Aura Kingdom is one important aspect as gold makes the world go around. You need gold to purchase potions, recipes, and reset your stats. Below are all the methods to help you earn more gold in the game.

Is it safe to buy Aura Kingdom gold directly from Auar Kingdom gold sellers

A lot of our customers ask us the same question again and again though livechat or skype, that is if it is safe to buy Aura Kingdom gold online through the gold sellers. Our answer is It Depends.

Aura Kingdom Secondary Job Build Trick

Aura Kingdom as a free-to-play, anime-style fantasy MMORPG. Featuring eight classes that each have expansive skill trees, with the ability to multi-class, the game returns to the roots of fun fantasy RPGs. At your side will be a faithful companion

What's your first impression of Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom, also known as Fantasy Frontier Online, is an action-packed fantasy MMORPG game released on 2013 for the English version published by Aeria Games and developed by X-Legend

Why Aura Kingdom Is So Popular

By hit, I am not talking Guild Wars 2 numbers and I am sure both ESO and Wildstar will draw in more players. But in terms of exceeding expectations, this game qualifies. It is Aeria Games biggest launch yet, has added a third server and will probably add a fourth soon.

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