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Why Aura Kingdom Is So Popular

By hit, I am not talking Guild Wars 2 numbers and I am sure both ESO and Wildstar will draw in more players. But in terms of exceeding expectations, this game qualifies. It is Aeria Games biggest launch yet, has added a third server and will probably add a fourth soon. For a game which only opened a website in October and which most people were unaware of till the end of November when Founder's Packs went on sale it has seemingly come from no where. Even though it was first released in else where, less than a month from closed beta to release must be a record.buy Aura Kingdom gold The game has been knocked for a lack of inovation, however if inovation was as important as everyone says then The Secret World should be one of the top five MMORPGs. The games 2 bigest strengths are graphics and polish. It is aimed at the more causal players which I believe are now the clear majority, Wizard 101 for favorite game. Casual gamers are under represented on forums because they would rather use their limited free time playing rather than trolling forums.



Aura Kingdom is a free-to-play, anime-style fantasy MMORPG. Featuring eight classes that each have expansive skill trees, with the ability to multi-class, the game returns to the roots of fun fantasy RPGs. At your side will be a faithful companion, a non-traditional pet that can join you in special attack combos, bond with you, and even share memories of past events.

1.Interactive Companions: Far more than simple pets, companions can be evolved, utilize incredible combo attacks, and talk with you about past exploits.2.Elaborate Skill Trees: A wide variety of skills is available at your command, easily changed to fit any situation.3. Pick which abilities to power up according to your style of gameplay.Fluid and Fast-Paced Combat: Glide through the environment and outmaneuver your enemies to survive dynamic attacks and abilities.

A World of Wonder: Explore an unfamiliar world brought to life with a gorgeous, detailed anime art style. Face titanic bosses, delve into exotic dungeons, and climb massive towers.