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To be rich and powerful in WildStar At the Very Beginning

In real life, our social status is determined in a large part by luck of the draw. You could be born into a wealthy family that can easily pay for your college tuition, fancy car, Nintendo Wii, plastic surgery, and of course, most important of all. You could also be born in a poor part of Somalia and die of pneumonia before age three, never even coming close to that runecrafting skillcape. There's definitely some disparity there.


In WildStar, however, aside from the occasional pneumonia-related real-life tragedy, every character begins on equal footing. Sure, we may not have played the exact same tutorial, and we may have had varying amounts of external aid (such as wildstar wiki) available, but we all first ventured into Lumbridge with our pockets nearly empty. No trust funds, no wealthy estate to inherit, no rich uncles to send us wads of cash in the mail every Christmas--just a handful of coins, a few basic tools, and our wits. Compared with reality, the playing field in Gielinor is level enough to make Guthix himself break into a violent fit of balance-induced hiccups, which, incidentally, would explain a lot of the crazy stuff in this game.

Why is it then that, after a few months, some of us will adorn ourselves in skillcapes and godswords while spamming our "Headbang" emote on top of a massive pile of Wild Star Credits , but others will wear only rune scimitars as they struggle to fund their goal of level 40 construction? What sets the rich apart from the poor?Perhaps an occasional soul will receive a lucky Item in a drop party, but for the rest of us, wealth and power are a matter of choice. The difference between Mr. Moneybags and the n00b in game begging for free st00f pl0x is that Richie McFancyPants decided to have money and Nooby McNoobster decided to be broke.

I can hear some of you protesting already. "That's ridiculous," you're thinking. "If being rich was only a matter of choosing to have money, why isn't everyone rolling in credits?" Well, dear reader, it's because Nooby McNoobster didn't put himself in a position to earn money. In less than ten minutes of farming herbs, buying broad bolt tips from a slayer master, and managing Miscellania, for example, it's a simple matter to earn a good half-WS credits a day with minimal effort. On top of that, any skill can be trained at a profit should one wish to use a slower method or supplement training with moneymaking to cover any losses. Any second-rate n00b can go from rags to riches in a matter of less than a week--all he needs to do is say to himself, "I think I'll go earn a little wild star credits today." So if you're not already buying up those useful items for your prayer skillcape you've always wanted, ask yourself why not.

Those of us familiar with the classic animated film The Iron Giant will doubtless remember its timeless moral: "You are what you choose to be." In few places does this mantra ring truer than it does in Wildstar. Our characters can be set to practice any skill we want them to for as long as we want them to, however we want them to. Our control over their futures are absolute. Even the most luck-based rewards in the game--finding a King useful weapons, for example--come as a result of choosing to place our characters in a position where it's possible to make us more powerful .

Of curse,that's all our preconception,since Wild Star is still coming on the way.But i am sure the game must be worth our waiting .Someone predict Wild Star will be the most interesting and popular game in 2014.Acknowledging and truly understanding the game will make us win at the beginning! Don't u think so ?