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kfcgold:WildStar Healer Guide - Which Class Should You Play?

Wildstar is an upcoming MMO set to release in 2014. The purpose of this video is to help you get a feel for the 3 classes capable of healing(Esper, Spellslinger, and Medic). Hopefully this will give you a feel of which healer best fits your play style and helps you answer the question: Which Healer should I pick?


I sapped by what is up guys scary

in the way and today we're talking about wilde start users

so the goal of this video is to teach in the differences between the three

healers and while starr

and to help you decide which might be the best bet for you

and also curator EP Islam

get an idea of what have you lose you but to Britain with but before we get

into this

I just wanna say all the information getting today ask them directly

for my city is from himself which make WellStar

after how this information from the Deaf speaks in the live streams and no other


so what that mean settlers write and speak the main difference with helium

while started other in the box

is the additional Hills a lot of hills

you're actually gonna happen ancient hits care now that being said let's

start talking about the yes

he espers the most familiar to the comment mm ok

well I mean by that well as for has a single target Hills

in addition to ailing hills and aimed Hills

so if you're looking to play somewhat like he used to test for maybe three

Esper has a white farmer and law durability set the standard stuff yet

probably gonna die

but the Esper also has long-range Hills

and this may seem trivial but the Esper quite arguably has the cutest Hills

this is very important to some people some people like you

look at tix when you know the nest for you to see little fish

butterflies and pollutants don't

just Esper seems like it'd be really good for you and others that are spread

out grants

especially at the single targets to nestle have the spells

this best leader seems like the lease traditional three keepers

spell singer has long-range Hills in a good bit

ain't Hills especially also has first Hills

in the most movement to avoid damage so another

spaus linda has led our low durability so again accused and stuff

probably gonna die but this past leaders mobility is crazy

with Gates said roles you should be able to stay at the bad stuff at all times

it not your group will probably yell which this bill singer seems like a

great fit for skill players looking for a challenge

so if you're looking for a challenge by you feel your dick cheney

style so you only get three also seems like it would be great for burst you

especially the tank is low range and of course it's fun shoot your friends in

the base

Hills the last but not least we haven't met

medic has me into close French Hills but makes up for it with medium armor

to meet you gerbils so many can take a few hits

that it also has stations or big storms that they can put on the ground that

their allies can stand until

and prospect feeling a little bit easier to which offers a deal over time

that sticks to the caped a lot of the bet it smells that he'll

also do damage you'll be able to do a little bit of damage the kurds

this is great for healers that want to get up close and by

retired watching TV just clicking buttons now you're

your up close and personal in here actually do what's up this could be

great for healing clock group in rates

and virulent oK what's PvP so if you wanna get up close and personal

the Med it's free now authorities class is a win over

Allegany there's TPS world so when you're not reading doing dungeons

a PvP as a healer you can switch abilities in a time to come that the


a hopeless you give me some idea the different any users and while starr

it helps narrow down what kinda place target but if you like this video please

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was she there would you play s onto the shouts might yield

guild Almera we are taking applications up with the link to that

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you coming soon as well thanks guys for watching and we'll see you on the Nexus

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