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Crafting U to G and What could the W of Wildstar suits

WildStar Bucks is our weekly column by the "Econ PvP'er" himself, Anhrez. His weekly topics will cover anything and everything Econ in Wildstar,of which the wildstar gold is the main game currency of the game. Be prepared for ideas from outer space.

Now that that troublesome dialog is over maybe we can get to the meat and potatoes of reveals. No not classes, no not Warplots (but this is going to create a whole sub-set of dialog) I am talking about Professions! We know that the classes are reasonably paired across the faction, and professions are race and class neutral (at least they better be) so most of the faction decisions should be made by the player base if they can be with the lore etc we know.
The title is U to G and here is what I meant. What we cannot do yet is really define where in the spectrum Wildstar crafting will be. However,I think you will enjoy the game playing very much,especially through wildstar power leveling service.There have been some parts of the process that seemed after thought additions to the game play and some that felt like the people designing my favorite not combat mechanic were as passionate about it as I am.