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Tips for the Warlock Green Fire Quest

With World of Warcraft’s newest expansion Mists of Pandaria comes the ability to let Warlocks change the color of their red fire spells to green. Players will be able to get the cosmetic change after completing a lengthy quest.The fight is extremely challenging so here are a few tips to help you warlock get that green fire,also you can buy Warlock Green Fire Quest for fast updating.

At the start of the fight, Kanrethad will summon a Pit Lord that you need to enslave. It will have three abilities you can use.
• Fel Breath. A high damage dealing AoE ability that removes debuffs. You are going to use this a lot as it is your primary way of removing Kanrethad’s debuffs and DoTs.
• Demonic Siphon. Heals you for almost full HP. Use when in trouble or when you need a quick pick me up.
• Charge. The most important spell in the Pit Lord’s arsenal. Use this sparingly as it is the only way to interrupt Cataclysm, an instant death spell. Also used against the Felhunters.

The fight consists of three phases: A Wild Imps phase, a Felhunter phase and a doomguard phase. After he finishes the first doomguard phase, he’ll return to the Wild Imps phase and will start
Use Destro
While the fight can be attempted and completed with all three specs, I find it easier to do it in Destro. The fight feels like it was made with Destro in mind. Destro’s burst damage makes it easier to burn down the Felhunters and the instant AoE Rain of Fire makes it indispensable during the Imp Phase. The damage increase with the Pit Lord charge stun combined with Chaos Bolt allows for a really good burst opportunity.
During the Wild Imps phase, position yourself behind Kanrethad

As soon as the Wild Imps start to move out of the gate, cast two or three Rain of Fires and then stun them with Shadowfury. After you remove your agro with the Demonic Gateway, position yourself behind Kanrethad and let the imps come to you. Cast Fel Breath on Kanrethad and it should also hit the Fel Imps coming at you.
During the Felhunter phase, use the Pit Lord stun
As Kanrethad moves from the center to summon his Felhunters, go through your gate, cast Fel Breath on yourself (to remove debuffs), heal with the Pit Lord’s Demonic Siphon and position him just behind Kanrethad’s gate. Immediately cast a few Rain of Fires in front of the gate. If you do this right, the Felhunters will immediately go for you and will not remove your Enslave from the Pit Lord.
The Purification Potion
Remember, you can use a Purification Potion to remove the fight timer debuff. Kanrethad will reapply the debuff once you remove it but this buys you an additional 7 minutes to take him down. His phases will cycle twice and then every phase after the second Doomguard phase, he’ll just keep on summoning Wild Imps. The second Doomguard phase will also be around the time the fight timer debuff is about to tick. Use your potion around this time.
Use Gateway Debuff to your Advantage
A few methods in killing Kanrethad suggest that you use your gateway to hide from Kanrethad’s Line of Sight to avoid incoming Chaos Bolts (which are very deadly!). An easier method would be to simply use the gateway as a type of aggro management. If you have the gateway debuff, Kanrethad will not target you except when he casts DoTs. This includes Chaos Bolts! Go through your gateway as much as possible and if a Chaos Bolt does go through, pop your defensives as well as Twilight Ward in order to live.
Final Thoughts
The green fire quest is one of the most difficult fights in the game but don’t give up! It’s one of the most fulfilling things I have done in WoW. If you have a low item level, consider running a few raid finders for gear. There’s not much room for error in this fight so you should take every advantage you could get.