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Warlock Fire

We’ve acquired a few additional insight about what exactly lies behind the word “hope” with respect to our efforts to achieve green fire for warlocks. In essence, we want this updated information out so that we can better manage expectations, especially as the announcement created such a flurry of excitement.

Since spell effects are not as simple to change around as — for example — druid forms are, we need some additional technology implemented in order to allow the use of red or green fire to be a player choice and not a permanent change that is put in place for all warlocks.
Implementing it in “warlock green fire quest” doesn’t really explain our stance here. We want something as substantial as this change to be an epic accomplishment for you.It is regretful that we were unable to clarify these details more when we first mentioned our intent — “our hope” It seems, as many of us said at the time here and on Twitter and fansites, the proof of the (green fire) pudding really was in the eating.