Aug 17 Views (830) World of Warcraft

Green Fire scenario is the hardest solo undertaking I have ever attempted.

I say attempted hardest solo undertaking because I have yet to defeat the last boss. Took me all of day 1 and several hours of day 2 after patch to farm up the tome, so I had minimal time to complete the final scenario. There are some challenging things in this scenario that are both frustrating and highly gratifying to complete. There are two, what I would call, Raid Bosses. These take 5 minutes or better to complete and must be done flawlessly with an almost mandatory set of talents. So that means only the truly skilled and versatile will be able to complete this scenario.

I must say that this type of challenge makes me optimistic about the future of wow. If they can make challenging solo missions like this for every class I can defintely see myself trying to roll several classes in order to test my skill with each. If you want to test your mettle as a raiding warlock I would definitely suggest taking on this challenge. If any of you locks out there have already completed and have some tips for the last encounter I'd definitely consider them.
And I'm really happy that they kept this Warlock Green Fire Quest challenging, not just because it makes it far more fun to do but as to stagger how many people have access to the reward. I mean, everyone will get it eventually by outgearing it, even if it takes till next expansion but this way green fire can actually feel like something special for an amount of time. However, I've done my homework and have a pretty