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Warlocks Get All The Gold

Everytime I think about the idea of having to 'farm' an item I cringe inside. Mindless hours of running from mob to mob killing with the only purpose being the appearance of one item in my loot window.
A friend of the journal pointed out something in an email that I had looked over. Just about every warlock in the game wants to start and complete the warlock green fire quest. The only way to start the quest is to kill and loot Sealed Tome of The Lost Legion from one of the rarest on the Isle of Thunder.If you have not been able to find any of these rares on the isle they are on a semi consistent repop rate so tuning into trade chat while you on the island some kind soul generally will say which one is up at that time and which one is to pop up next.

That same tome can only be looted by Warlocks. And it is in high demand. Now many players are complaining that it's taken them hours upon hours of running from one mob to another till it dropped for them. But even for 10 hours of killing mobs 65k is nothing to sneeze at (your milage for sales may vary).
At some point the powers that be will probably either hotfix this to make it a Bind on Pickup item or increase the drop rate. So taking the opportunity if you are one of the lucky ones to get the codex and selling it can net you a very hefty profit.