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Warlock Is Kanrethad too strong

Hello fellow players of this awesome game. I was one of the first players on my realm to get the quest item for the warlock green fire quest. I choose to wait a day because I knew it was hard really hard.
However,I actually went a tried it, and it was -way- too hard, I mean, it is somewhat unfair that it is only hardcore raiders who are able to complete the quest at this time because it is not only them who gets the item! I am raiding, I got 494 ilvl but I did only manage to get him to 28.1m (91%) out of 31m. I know I probally did some tacts wrong and such, but it can not be true that it is that hard.

I am usually not a whiner or something like that and I actually really enjoy the game! But it is really just too hard, I did try it before it got boosted on the PTR and I barely did it.
So I beg you any MVP or Blizzard admin please look at this video and carry it on to someone else if you see what I mean, and if not then please say so in this thread.
Addition: I tried yet again, 80% got into a spinny thing. (Don't know what they are called) and then cataclysm came and oneshot me.