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Final Fantasy XIV taking into account a flying mount in their next expansion

One thing every MMO player looks for in a game is what kind of mounts are available.Several mounts have already been revealed in Final Fantasy XIV of which FFXIV Gil is the main game currency. Well, what about a flying mount? Can we expect one such mount at some point?

There’s some evidence that this is one thing players can expect to arrive in the game. According to Square Enix, they are considering having a flying mount that will actually take off into the sky, though it will most likely arrive in the next expansion. As for when we can expect this airborne mount, your guess is as good as ours
Here’s the full statement of Square Enix in regards to the flying mount: we are thinking about having flying mounts that actually fly in the sky be a part of a large expansion in the future. This is something quite important to us, so please look forward to a future announcement.