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FFXIV Companion App is now Available on iOS

Do you believe that final fantasy XIV has launched an App which you can use on iOS? This is the truth, now with that App, you can check your ffxiv gil amount and other wealth as well as your char level and process.

This new App is called Libra Eorzea which is currently available on iOS. You can download it and run on your iOS device. The app allows players to access a wealth of information offline, including dungeons, items, lore, and abilities. You can also track the progress of your characters.
Why do they release this App? Because Though the game does a good job at poking you in the right direction, from time to time you’ll get lost, whether trying to scout out an objective or find a certain NPC. And there are in-game references and maps though these can be hard to navigate while in-play, especially if you happen to be on the PS3.

It is unlucky that this App is not available on Android devices at present. But they are working on the Android version now and soon you will be able to use the App on your Android devices.

The App is totally free now and it is only 9.5M in size, so it will not take too much space on your device. If you are interested in it, just download one and then you will be able to track your ff14 character at any time.