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The beta of Final Fantasy 14 Ps4 will be Launched in February 2014

Final Fantasy 14 will release PS4 version in next year in February. And then all the PS3 player can upgrade to PS4 version directly without repurchase the new version.

We got many ffxiv power leveling orders from the ps2 players. But the service we offer is actually for PC version. So for those ps3 players, you should not buy ff14 powerleveling from us because we can not do it. But you can change your order to ffxiv gil and we can deliver the gil to your character even you are ps3 players.

Essential work to increase the number of servers and strengthen the service environment, with the aim of alleviating the crowding on existing servers is also in progress," adds Square Enix, referencing the continuing server problems the relaunched MMO game is currently suffering from.

Let just expect the coming of PS4 version. But the ps4 will first be available in NA and EU, for other area players, you will still have to wait. But it will not be long, because the Square Enix usually work very quickly.