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The World Transfer Service will be available soon in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV is a 15 Years MMO Veteran, it is the best online experience someone can experience atm. Amazing graphics, Great Storyline, Wicked User Interface, Oldschool combat reminiscent to Final Fantasy.

And now there is a good news, FFXIV: A Realm Reborn will open world transfers within the next few weeks, allowing those who were isolated during the MMO’s messy launch to be reunited with their friends.

To qualify for a transfer, characters must meet the following requirements:Must not be part of a Free Company. Must be logged out at the moment of transfer. Must not have any items in the market. Players may be limited to how much Gil they can carry over.

It will be a premium service later on, world transfers will be free for the first five days because many players were unable to join their server of choice when the rebuilt MMO went live due to overcrowding. Additionally, existing servers will be buffed so you’ve got a better chance of finding a slot in the one you’re really after, although the maximum concurrent player total of eight thousand will be maintained.

Name clash disputes will favour already resident characters, and the Gil restrictions have been implemented to discourage gold farmers and ffxiv power leveling service providers.