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The PS3 Interface of FFXIV should be Improved Better

After Final Fantasy 14 came out in August, this game has become the focus in the whole MMO game field. And FFXIV Power leveling service is also getting very hot at the same time.

But PS3 interface is a better than average PC port, but there’s still a mouse pointer lurking in the browser-like login screen where there could have been buttons. Or take the game itself, where you have to hit the Select button to tab awkwardly between three HUDs, your eyes tracking a tiny Mickey Mouse-like white glove as it teleports panel to panel; functional, yes, but confusing busywork when you’re trying to make a zillion other things happen.

You can imagine to have 5 or 6 windows open in whatever modern operating system, giving up your mouse and having to tab between everything, or occasionally trip not-obvious shortcuts to access others, and you’re getting close to what this feels like. It works, and where the game’s not forthcoming, you can find out how with a search engine. But don’t kid yourself: the only console version of a triple-A publisher’s flagship MMO deserved better.

Hopefully by the time the PS4 version arrives and the company just confirmed PS3 owners can download that version gratis, plus access the beta when it kicks off next February — it’ll have fixed this stuff, or at least agreed it’s worth improving.