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WOW Why do heroic raiders need to do flex raid

540 is way too high, something like 530 would be more reasonable. I get it, if blizz shuttles as many people as possible into flex raid, it will look like a bigger hit than it may actually be. This will be a wonderful thing for warlock green fire quest .The key word is "look". I frequently see posts from various blizz employees or MVP's saying "If you don't like LFR, but aren't quite ready for normal, then flex is for you".... so then why put gear in there that is better than what heroic raiders have?

Essentially blizz is setting this up so people that shouldn't be running flex, will have to run flex if they want upgrades.the irony is this same pattern created a lot of toxic behavior in LFR which lead to flex being created, and I got a feeling the same will happen here again.
I will not be Flex raiding on my main. As the gear is not the same as that in normals, I'm not sure why you would be doing them. You're already over the 540 ilevel. You're going backwards if you bother with them. Patch 5.40 is amazing, I dont know if you see it, It is a good chance for us to play WOW now.