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The Aura Kingdom Newbie Guide

So you wanna play Aura Kingdom and have no idea where to start? Lets hope this little guide helps you out a bit. In here I will explain and describe the basic need to know info, what makes AK different from other MMO's, and general tips and things I have learned while playing the game.



There is no mana or energy system here. Everything is about cooldown management.
Stats are simplified. You have 3 Offensive and 3 Defensive. Damage, Critical, and Speed for Offensive. Hit Points, Defense, and Evasion for Defensive.You will get stat points each time you level that can be used to increase these. At the start you will just get points you can use for Offensive stats, but later you will get ones for Defensive, and eventually stats will come more often.

Most people ignore the "Damage" stat for the offensive ones as it barely increases potential damage, and instead focus on Speed or Critical. Speed will reduce the cooldowns of your skills (letting you cast them more often) and Critical increases critical chance.As far as defensive goes, general consensus that I have seen seems to be focus on Defense and HP, and ignore Evasion. Evasion is basically a dodge chance, and unless you have a REALLY high number here, it wont help you.

You can RESET your stat points (from the Character screen) by hitting the Reset button. This costs Aura Kingdom gold, and will increase as you level.You also will get Envoy points starting around level 10. These come every 3 levels and are basically talent points. They are Cumulative. IE if you have one that increases damage by 1% and another that increases damage by 2% you get a total 3% damage boost.

Green Exclimation Points are "Title Quests". Titles in this game are account wide and grant you bonuses to your stats. It is a good idea to grab all of them in each zone. Note that these are not tracked like your story quests and may require you to think about how to complete them. The items you pick up usually can help. Also you earn Loyalty points from these.

Loyalty points are an alternative currency you can use in a Loyalty shop, accessed by pressing I. Its the second tab up top. You can purchase some rental items, bags, and even some Eidolon Key Fragments. You earn Loyalty points by doing ANY Achievements, some bosses drop them, and some other sources can net you them as well.

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