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Tips on How to Buy WS Credits

Gold is the most common currency in Carbine's MMO, WildStar Online. When you start the game, you'll be a level one character, with less than one gold coin in your inventory. Although WildStar is designed to provide intelligent players with enough gold naturally as they defeat monsters, complete quests and sell items, some users may find their spending habits getting out of hand as they reach higher levels.


Deciding When To Buy Gold
First, a disclaimer. Buying WS credits is strictly forbidden by Carbine's terms of service and End User License Agreement (EULA). Players choosing to buy gold may find themselves with a temporary account suspension, and will be unable to log in for up to a week. Users deciding to purchase gold multiple times, and who are caught repeatedly, are subject to a permanent ban, and won't be able to participate in Wild Star further.

However, some players may still find it necessary to purchase gold. If you fall into this category, it is important to know when such a purchase is required. The most common reason for a user to feel compelled to purchase gold is the release of new content. A new content patch typically brings expensive features with it. For example, the latest patch features a new raid instance, with increasingly challenging boss monsters. Learning these boss encounters will cause you to die a lot, necessitating gear repairs. In combination with using expensive flasks, elixirs and potions, your bills will climb.

The Safest Method Of Buying Gold
Carbine tracks every gold transaction that occurs in the game. There is no way to order gold online and have it magically transferred into your inventory. Another character has to either meet you in game and trade the gold to you, or send the gold to you in the mail.

The safest way of receiving purchased gold is to create a second account. This will require you to buy a second copy of Wild Star, and create an additional character. Take this new character to an auction house and mailbox. Create an auction for a basic item. Set the buyout price on the auction to the amount of gold you purchased from a gold seller, and have the seller buy the auction item. The gold will take about 1 hour to arrive in your alternate character's mailbox. Send this gold to your main character, and delete the alternate character on your second account.

Although this method does not guarantee that you won't be caught, it will make it more difficult for Carbine to track the transfer of gold.Remember, there is never a circumstance in the game where you "need" to buy gold. It is advisable to make the gold legitimately, by playing the auction house, killing monsters and completing quests.

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