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How does buying WS credits work

In the WildStar online multiplayer game, gold is used as currency. Usually, this currency is collected and earned by players as they travel.The immense popularity of WildStar, however, created a demand for alternative methods of accumulating in-game currency. Many websites offer to sell virtual gold for real-world money.


Because the amount of gold in the WildStar is limited, online sellers must first collect it. To do this, groups of players spend hours collecting gold and other in-game items that can be sold. This method of collecting is called "farming."Automated programs, or "bots," are also used. These computer-controlled characters move around the virtual world to collect valuables.Because they hoard in-game items from real players, both practices are against the game rules. Despite this, the collection and sale of virtual goods continues.

Once virtual gold has been collected, it is offered for sale. Players use websites to select the amount of virtual gold they would like to buy. They pay using a credit card in an online transaction.The in-game gold must then be transferred. This is done "face-to-face" between game characters. The player and the merchant meet in a prearranged game location and the player receives the currency.


While common, the gold-buying practice comes with several problems.Carbine Studio, the company that publishes the WildStar game, has officially stated that they disapprove of the process.The company has found that many sellers obtain virtual gold through dishonest means, including hacking into player accounts. Account information is often shared in order to receive virtual currency or other items, which is later exploited by online dealers.The Carbine Studio has stated that no matter the source,selling virtual gold diminished enjoyment of the game for honest players.

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