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Weapon Drops And Dumpster Diving in Everquest Next

When you play everquest, not only you can get the weapons which are dropped from killing monsters, but also you can get the everquest next platinum.

Surprise continues to build around EverQuest Next for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s time for the MMORPG genre to be shaken up a little. It’s become stagnant over the years and needs an injection of cool new ideas, as well as for old ideas to become relevant again.

In EverQuest, you could look through the wares of local merchants and find those other players’ discarded hides for sale pretty cheap. The merchant’s price was generated by some magic and uber secret formula hidden in a vault and locked away tighter than the original Coca-Cola formula. Sometimes that formula worked in favor of the player, especially when it came to crafting materials. It was an amazing system.

There were plenty of players who not only didn’t need item X for their own crafting needs, there were plenty of players who had no intention of trying to sell them in the East Commons Tunnel. This meant they would sell them to the merchant most conveniently located to their position.
Dumpster diving was not only a great pastime, but also an efficient way to make some money. Getting weapons from your foes was also a thrill. If you had spent the time to level up high enough and were ready for a real challenge though, you went for your individual class weapon.

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