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The New Settler, explorer and Socialization of WildStar Online

The producer of Wildstar thinks MMO developers aren't experimenting enough with the social possibilities of the genre. Socialization, he thinks, is the only thing that MMORPGs undeniably do better than other genres. For example, in wildstar, players can use wildstar gold to buy or exchange many things like they do in the real world by the real money.

Despite the prosaic name, it looks intriguing. During the preview, Gaffney showed us videos of settlers erecting temporary mount stations that acted like flightpaths, allowing players early access to motorcycle-type mounts. Moving on, he showed us how settlers could revive entire base camps that had fallen into disrepair, even to the point of unlocking quest givers and NPC guards that defend you once they were done.

I spent most of my time running around repairing light fixtures, although I once managed to gather enough supplies to start building a marketplace. Such activities appeal to my OCD tendencies, but I'm not sure the draw was strong enough to warrant skipping over the Explorer path, which looks destined to become the most popular path come launch.

Take the Settler's simple ability to build campfires that buff players who visit them, thus granting the Settlers themselves an XP boost to their path in return. The idea, Gaffney said, was to "bribe" players to find the most optimal points for their campfires to earn the optimal XP. "It's a really good way to have a good social environment," he said, especially if players prepare campfires or built outposts near tough content.

WildStar online has one significant edge over Guild Wars 2, it places a much heavier emphasis on running dungeons and old-school 40-man raids. If you want to skip those boring raids, choose to purchase wildstar power leveling will be the wisest method.