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WildStar Online is still Hiding Something

In the past few months, Carbine has been revealing some information to attract the players, such as the wildstar gold is the main game currency of the game. But they still hide something that you do not know, in this article we will check what they are not revealing.

We don't yet know about the last two classes, but that's pretty much assured for release in the near future. In fact, we're getting plenty of interesting and deep reveals... as well as a few things that the developers aren't talking about, things that are mentioned in passing and then allowed to just go unaddressed.

There's something distinctly odd about letting a system go live for testing without giving a full rundown on how it works to onlookers. Yes, crafting might require more intimate knowledge of how the games' mechanics work before we can fully appreciate its subtle brilliance, but I'm willing to bet that most of us could piece together the overall intention from just a few words.

The promise of new story content on a regular basis for people at the endgame is a laudable goal. But herein lies the problem, Timmy: Technically that's what Guild Wars 2 is providing right now. For some players this is a satisfying buffet, and for other folks this is a never-ending onslaught of updates with all the content density of a holiday event, coupled with a story in which the players are hangers-on for all of the important NPCs doing things.

We're told that this game will release in 2013. All right. I don't mean to scare anyone, but there's not a lot of 2013 left. And at this point the developers are so comfortable with the existing version of the game that they still haven't told us two of the classes that will be playable when you boot it up for the first time. Slow roll for PR purposes, sure, but we're running out of time for that slow roll and running into that horrible beast called the year is not that much longer. I am waiting to do wildstar power leveling to support myself.