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SOE will reveal a lot of Information about Everquest Next in Live 2013

EQ Next is set in the realm of Norrath, but this is a rebooted version of those lands. Veteran players will find familiar places and names in the lore and setting, but they won't have a monopoly on the knowledge of this world; players new to the franchise can be equally comfortable because everyone is discovering this new world at the same time. And they can be reward as everquest next platinum while playing.

When we're talking about how vastly different something is from what we're used to, what better place to start than the foundation? Just understanding the basics of this version of Norrath is going to give you insights as to what EQ Next has to offer. There are two main aspects of this world that really take things to a new level in gaming, and both involve composition, just in different ways.

As we surmised when Storybricks joined the EQ Next team, NPCs will retain memories about your choices and will react accordingly as the game goes on. Think of the orc scenario above: The orcs may become your allies, but townsfolks and guards sure won't be liking you very much, so chances are you will not be privy to quests they could have offered.

There are also no levels or in this game, although your character does still progress. And in a really neat twist, all players can play together regardless of how long they have been in the game, even if one friend is a three-year veteran and the other is brand-new. Instead of mentoring or sidekicking, the older player can just choose to work on a set of skills that s/he hasn't developed yet.

It seems the eq next will be a very cool game and many eq fans are waiting for this game to be live, the soe has not disclosed any information about the releasing time. So we will have to wait, and the EQN platinum sellers are also need to wait.