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The EverQuest Next Classes and Races Unveiled

Some of the classes and races on offer in EverQuest Next have been revealed through a series of SOE panels.That is to say ,there will be more interesting Settings to enjoy.Just buy more EQN Platinum,and you could have great opportunity to experience.
Massively reports that panels confirmed races including Dwarves, Humans, Ogres, Elves, Dark Elves and Kerran will be available to play when the game launches.

Rather than selecting one class and sticking with it, EverQuest Next will allow you to multi-class indefinitely, meaning you can mix and match skills from different ones to create a build that suits you. There'll be over 40 classes you can master with the first five being Rogue, Warrior, Tempest, Blademaster and Wizard. It's not yet clear which, if any, will be included in the list of eight starting classes on offer.
Additionally, there won't be levels or a level cap in the game; instead, your character will progress through learning these skills and mastering the classes. Besides,with FFXIV Power leveling service the updating of game level will be faster,and you can enjoy more.