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Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Displays New Costumes in its Lightning Returns

As we know, ff14 is going to release it’s a realm reborn. It means the ffxiv gil will again be in very big demand soon. But at the same time, Square Enix has put together a new trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

The trailer shows off some of the game’s many locales and goes into some depth about the storyline. Seen in the trailer is Noel Kriss, a protagonist from the previous title in the series, XIII-2. His presence in the game is as one of the antagonists that Lightning will have to do battle against. You’ll probably need to play the first two games to figure out what’s going on.

At the same time, Square Enix also posted some details about the game on the Official PlayStation Blog to elaborate on the game’s new battle system, which allows Lightning to target specific parts of an enemy in order to weaken it. A new counter-attack system also allows the player to fully counter physical attacks.

Final Fantasy XIII will be released in Japan on November 21 this year, followed by a February 11, 2014 release in the United States and then in Europe on February 14. It’ll be out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but there are no plans to bring the game to the PC.

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