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To Get Epic Weapons from Finishing Epic Quests in Everquest Next

To get more and more game currency is each player’s dream, but how to obtain more Everquest next Platinum. Well, to choose some hard quest like the epic quest will get you epic weapons and a lot of EQN Plat.

There are awesome weapons in games, and some that even require the player to do extreme grinding, whether in terms of faction, items to be gathered, or just simple time involved. When the original epic weapon quests were introduced to the game, they were insanely brutal and incredibly convoluted. Despite the amount of bitching they caused at the time, everyone wanted one and the hunt was on.

What if I told you quite a number of those mobs were rare spawns? I don’t mean rare as in, “Aw, shucks, I’ve got to wait an hour or two for it to spawn”, I mean spawns on multiple day timers. Assuming you were the one to catch that elusive mob you’d been camping for days without some asshat wandering by at just the wrong time and tagging the mob first, there was still no guarantee the mob had the loot item you needed.

It was hell to go through. I played EverQuest with a pretty active guild for years. After 2 years of growth, we eventually reached the point to get some of the guild members their epic weapon. And by some of the guild members, I mean three. I’m not kidding.

Let me assure you I don’t think we need to go quite so far for any epic weapons in EverQuest Next. The concept of getting a 40 man raid together to kill a raid boss and hope for that rare piece of loot that will let you get your epic weapon is cool and all, but even I think it’s going a little too far. And if you do not want to do that by your own, just use everquest next power leveling service.