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Two Mad Scientists have been Added into WildStar Online

After carbine release the final two races in the past fews days, now they have expanded the 2 new mad scientists which are called Victor Lazarin and Mondo Zax. These two leaders will be able to help get more wildstar gold in the game.

Victor Lazarin is a major figure in the Mordesh story in WildStar, as he is the one responsible for their zombie-like, withered appearance. In an attempt to create an elixir of immortality, Lazarin ended up plaguing himself and his people with an unstable version of the formula, turning the Mordesh from a race of elegant and brilliant individuals into a sickly and mad people.

Mondo Zax is a Chua engineer, and serves as Chief Technologist for the Dominion forces. Born into an overcrowded and territorial atmosphere, Zax quickly rose above the ranks with his natural penchant for highly destructive machinery, and was quickly put in charge of DRED- the Dominion Research and Experimentation Division. Zax fits the Chua archetype perfectly, combining high explosives and ruthless cunning with the cute and wild nature that the Chua possess.

These two leaders help fill in some of the relevant back story for the new races and bring fans up to speed on what they're dealing with. Carbine's release of these two characters is a brilliant move to help players understand the history and personality of the Chua and Mordesh, and gives eager fans a new piece of lore to chew on while more information rolls out.

It is too bad that wildstar is still in closed beta, many players are impatient to wait. And for those Chinese wildstar verdors, they are also very impatient; because they are waiting for earn money by doing wildstar power leveling and more other service.