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FFXIV ARR has reached the Endgame Period

Yoshida has released his 48th Letter from the Producer that details a little of the development of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. This letter answers a few questions that have been burning at the core of discussion around FF14 such as final fantasy xiv gil.

Yoshida mentions the difficulty curve development for the level 50 fight against Ifrit and the battle against the indomitable mountain himself - Titan. Yoshi-P states that they've made sure to keep these battles extremely tough and mentions that "a perfectly timed level 3 limit break" may mean the difference between victory and defeat." Amongst the pictures of the various fights, he also shows something all Final Fantasy fans will recognize, a fight against a Demon Wall a la Final Fantasy 4.

FF14 ARR is a game that might set a new standard for MMO development. The initial release failed terribly and its difficulty was compounded with earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, Sony's terrible hack, and hubris. In November of 2012 with a rather dramatic video in which the great dragon Bahamut broke out of his prison and decimated the land of Eozera, the servers were shut down.

A powerful wizard summoned the power of all gods of the world and managed to stave off the ultimate destruction of the world somehow. That wizard has since disappeared so the mystery of what he did remains at the center of the new narrative in ARR.

In A Realm Reborn, all players from the initial release are termed "legacy" players and have retained their equipment and levels while all new players are narratively directed by seeking the "crystal warriors" or those who saved everyone the first time. And all of them can farm the ffxiv gil in the game while fighting.