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Gather minions in Final Fantasy XIV

There are 2 pet systems in Final Fantasy XIV , and we got fun with the first one, their companion system during beta 3.However, minions are unable to fight with you. They have no stats and no health bar. Basically, they're vanity pets.With FFXIV Gil,the interesting and unexpected game scenes can be experienced more easily.

Sure minions may be useless but there's just some kind of pull they have that drives you to attempt to collect them all! It's not until you're seriously on "the chase" for minions, that you begin to glimpse the scope of this system. Minions aren't just a cosmetic pet. Some of them are crafted by high level crafters, some are discovered by high level gatherers. Others will only become available after clearing conditions in FATES or reaching certain points in the story.
Maybe it's the appearance that makes them so addictive. All the minions are cute tiny versions final fantasy staples, from common monsters to easter egg bosses of past games. Odds are there's a minion for you! I'm looking forward to full release so i can start hunting these things down!