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Final Fantasy XIV: fight alongside Lightning and unlock her gear in a real reborn events

Many Final Fantasy games could be seen to make their way to PC (though, we are starting to get something of their back catalogue) but Square Enix are meeting us halfway and including previous games in the next iteration to grace our platform, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.Besides, more FFXIV Gil can give you more chance to experience the contents.
One of the FATE events of the game will see you fight alongside Lightning, the hero of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and unlock her costume.

The game’s Full Active Time Events (FATE) - which are definitely not a forced acronym - are events which spawn in the MMO world and alert all players to come and take part in them. They promise big enemies, epic loot, and familiar faces from previous games.
One such familiar face is that of Lightning from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning, or Claire Farron to use her non-pseudonym, is the protagonist of the Final Fantasy XIII story arc. Having her appear in Final Fantasy XIV is a bit of a big deal, it shows that Final Fantasy XIV will be able to draw in characters from all over the history of the series - a series which considers each numbered release a separate world under the Final Fantasy umbrella.
You’ll only be able to unlock Lightning’s gear for your female characters, male characters will unlock Snow’s gear.Therefore,hurry to join Final Fantasy XIV,and Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil .There are so much wonderfulness waiting for you.