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The First Feeling about Everquest Next Online

EverQuest Next will be the next game in this massive franchise and there will be no holds barred for massive patches. SOE is a powerful developer with focused attention. And Everquest Next Platinum is its ingame currency name which is the same with the previous 2 EQ versions.

We know that this game will not be a sequel or a prequel to any of the other EQ games in the franchise; instead it will take place in a “parallel world”. It has been confirmed that there will be similar locations and characters, but the events that take place here in the new Norrath will be unlike any seen before.

Various rumors have been spread regarding the competition and what we can expect to see. As a note of this from the esteemed developers over at Sony, there has been talk of a direct duel between both Blizzard and SOE as they locked into their titles. Rumors about Blizzard's Project Titan have stirred a lot of talk about whether or not this would be the game that could stand against the most popular games of today, but a heated competition can only mean a superior product.

SOE President unveiled that his team had hoped to “define the next generation of MMOs.” He proceeds in his interview to state that “Everybody has been making the same game since EverQuest. They’re great because the quality level has improved, but nobody has really changed the game.”

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