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The Chua and the Mordesh will join in WildStar character race

It is said that there are will be sci-fi massively-multiplayers added to WildStar, that is to say,the Chua and the Mordesh will be infused as new elements of the online game. whatis more ,if you have more WildStar gold,you will expereience more pleasure in the game.

The Chua — who are part of the Dominion — are characterized by their small size and are known for being "nearly as brilliant as they are sociopathic," according to the game's developers. They're inventors of advanced weapons and technology, have a history of industrialization and seek to explore the planet's legendary natural and technology resources.

Lead narrative designer, Chad Moore said that while the Chua may resemble physically small races in other MMOs, "they're not the downtrodden small race with Napoleon syndrome."

"The reason I like the Chua as a race is because even though they're not necessarily well-liked by their allies, you can't live without them," Moore said. "To a certain degree, the attitude of the Chua and the way they go about things reflect that they understand that."

Moore said that the Chua almost have the most power in the dominion — a different kind of power to what the other races have — and this gives them a unique perspective on the world, which is reflected in the gameplay.

The Mordesh are part of the Exiles, and their lore lends a greater darkness to the overarching story of WildStar. Cursed with a degenerative disease, the Mordesh are a kind of space zombie that have become masters of artifice and deception, relying on the dark arts to bring down their Dominion enemies as well as their allies.

However,the players also face the problems.they have to deal with the disease and the history derived from Mordesh.but if you have Wildstar power leveling functions,it will become easier to some extent.