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The Main Event Record of Wildstar Online

In the past few years, carbine has been working on wildstar and now they are going to make it online, so people in all over the world can play this game together and share the wildstar gold.

We can check the main event of wildstar in the past times.

Wildstar in PAX Prime,SEATTLE
We have packed our schedule with wall-to-wall activities, and of course hands-on gameplay of only the freshest WildStar content. This includes Developer Panels, amazing offsite activities, and something I’m particularly excited about: We will be hosting the very first Beta Tester only panel at our booth, giving you the chance to ask all the questions you have about what it’s like to work with the development team as a WildStar beta tester.

Wildstar in Gamescom 2013
Gamescom is held in Cologne, Germany, and is one of the largest collections of gamer fanatics in the world. I just took a look at the design specs for our booth, and let me tell you- it’s going to blow your mind. Not to mention the content we are creating just for this event. It will include super-sexy new announcements, hands-on gameplay with content you’ve never seen before, and a whole host of special events that will give our fans from Germany and the rest of the world the opportunity to spend quality time with the WildStar development team.

After attend those meeting, more and more people have known this game, and more and more players will try this game after the game is live. Soon the wildstar power leveling service will become one of the most profitable industries during the Chinese levelers.