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The skills of Everquest Next is not easy to Level Up

Skills were not only an effective carrot that rewarded you with periodic increases, it was crucial for the player to keep them maxed in order to be effective in a group. If you have better skill in game, you will have bigger rate to get more EverQuest Next Platinum.

And trust me, if you were not effective, you either learned how to play better quickly or you'd find yourself without a group in a hurry. That might not be a big deal these days, but back then, it could end a character's progress.

Let me give you two scenarios in which I failed horribly at this before I finally caught on. My very first character was a Wood Elf Warrior that followed Rallos Zek. I decided the character was going to be a master of one-handed blades. I got a sword early in the game and used that as I progressed. When I was level 14, I found my first magic weapon, a 2-handed blade with a +1 to strength.

Armed with my new weapon of mass destruction, I quickly called my best friend and he hopped on to join me for some sweet hunting. And it was sweet indeed right up until the point when we reached the North Desert of Ro and I pulled the very first Dune Tarantula I saw. And then missed with my opening swing. And the next, and the next, and ... you get the picture. Needless to say, after a few blows, it spun on him and munched him like a Trisket.

I'll just go to some newbie area and get my skills up that way. And therein lies the moral of the story and proof positive that the EQ development team had yet again implemented a system that was not to be carelessly ignored. If I still can not level up then, I will just buy EQN Power leveling instead.