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The Beta Phase 3 of Final Fantasy XIV has Started

The beta phase 3 of FF14 has started a month ago, many players said they enjoyed the beta very much and more players are expecting the real one will be live in the early time.

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I was very excited to hear that Final Fantasy XIV was going to be another attempt at making an MMO, this time with vastly-improved visuals. Early impressions of the game were good - I vividly recall colleagues in the press at the time of its first reveal being very excited to go hands-on with it, and many predicting that FFXIV would be their first foray into MMOs.

The game that saw release was riddled with bugs, performance issues and quite simply didn't really look as if it was ready for release. Such was the negative reception to the game - not to mention Square-Enix's apparent embarrassment with the state of it - that it wasn't until a whole year after release that players actually started being charged for subscriptions.

A Realm Reborn had been under discussion for some time, and it was set to be a complete revamp of nearly everything about Final Fantasy XIV. Everything from the server system to the graphics engine and the structure of the game's zones was to be changed.

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