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WoW Patch 5.2 - Green Fire Quest Preview

Patch 5.2 finally adds the Warlock Green Fire Quest line. After finding a The Codex of Xerrath as a somewhat rare drop, you combine the tome with a Healthstone to bind it to you. If you want to test the quest line on the PTR, you can get it as a guaranteed drop.
Once bound, you begin with a quest to find the origins of the tome by speaking with your demons. Each demon will tell you something different about it. You then take the tome to a Warlock Trainer to find out more.

Your Warlock trainer will recognize that the tome is important to the Council of the Black Harvest, and ask you to read through Part One of Legacy of the Masters.You will then need to look through Jubeka's Journal. At three of the fragments, you will witness a memory, of which you can find the text below.