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New 13 Minute Final Fantasy XIV Trailer Showcases Destruction of the World

A Realm Reborn looks like it will be a serious contender in a rather crowded genre- although its gameplay mechanics are honestly nothing new and pretty par on the course for the kind of game that it is, it looks to have oodles of that Final Fantasy charm, which is sure to set it apart from the other MMOs on the market.

The thirteen minute long trailer that you see above shows off the ‘destruction of the world’ (in the game lore, that is how the transition from the original, maligned Final Fantasy XIV to A Realm Reborn was explained), the character creator, and then proceeds to show us some in game footage as well. The game looks absolutely gorgeous, with an incredible artstyle and the technical graphics backing it up to boot; what also sounds incredibly great is the music.Moreover,more active elements has been added to the game.And with FFXIV Gil,more interesting and unexpected game scenes can be experienced.