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Final Fantasy XIV custom themes now available for PC and PS3

In the lead up to A Realm Reborn’s release, Square Enix has kicked the marketing and other promotions for the game into high gear. Their latest freebie involves two style themes of Final Fantasy XIV – one for PS3 and one for PC.
The themes can be downloaded on the official site here, and include a variety of high resolution images which can be seen in the gallery below. The Windows theme also features custom colors and sounds while the PS3′s XMB icons have been altered.

A Realm Reborn will release on August 27th for Windows PC and PlayStation 3, with a PS4 version slated for next year. Please keep close attention to the new trends of the Final Fantasy XIV.And if you want to accelerate your game updating speed,you can consult our FFXIV Power leveling service.Besides,With less than one month until launch, the players can pre-order now.