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Final Fantasy XIV Early Access Dated

Gamers who pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIV will be pleased to hear that the early access is almost upon them as Square finally revealed the start date. Final Fantasy XIV , the virtual currency of which is called Final Fantasy XIV Gil,is the MMO role-playing game.
If you somehow manged to get an early access code from pre-ordering the game, you can begin redeeming them soon as Square Enix lifts up the curtain to early access on August 24th. To participate in the early access program, you must have the pre-order voucher code and be able to redeem it at the Redemption site. The early access will only give you a three day’s head start, from August 24th through 26th.

With the open beta coming next week, players who participate are able to continue their progress on the early access since the open beta allows you to reach up to level 20. Besides, you can also buy FFXIV Power leveling service to enjoy faster updating of the game .who have all the time in the world and manage to reach level 20 during open beta, they can continue until the very end (if they can) on August 24th.