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The Bad and Good Part of FFXIV A Realm Reborn

As we know that Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn will be released at the end of this month, according to the information disclosed from its official, we can see some good and bad part of this game.

First, let’s check what are the bad parts of this game. The map of this game cannot be precise. The map in FFXIV: ARR could use some serious work. It functions well enough as an actual map, but it is absolutely terrible at directing the player where to go for quests. If the quest objective is in the area you are currently in, then it's wonderful. Otherwise, it's a bit obtuse when trying to figure out where to go even you have enough ffxiv gil to buy a mount.

Another bad part is its fate system. As previously mentioned, one of the types of FATEs you'll encounter just isn't at all entertaining. Killing a lot of a specific type of enemy that you see spawn in front of you is pretty dull. On top of that, you will start to see the same FATEs appear in the same locations over and over again.

But this game also have its good parts. First, the story of this game is quite interesting. the cutscenes and general plot of FFXIV: ARR are quite engaging. The cutscenes are, naturally, very well-done, considering it’s the work of Square Enix. As a direct benefit, these well-done cutscenes actually got me to pay attention to the big plot points in the game's story, something that most MMOs don't even try to do.

At the same time, the picture of this game is very beautiful. It not only has the technical prowess to stand out, but the new-age Final Fantasy aesthetic looks as great as ever. I would seriously just stop sometimes and watch day turn into night, hoping no monster tried to attack me so I could take a cool screenshot.

Overall, this game is not bad and it is worth to have a try. At the very beginning, if you do not want to skip the low levels, you can use ffxiv power leveling to the level you desire and then you can start to play by yourself.