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Sound and Music Features of Runescape 3

There is a lot if information about RS3. Most of them are about its HTML 5, but seldom about its sound and music features. Today we would like to share some info about that information.
Today, the Runescape devs release a Stephen Lord lead preview of upcoming orchestral music as well as a few samples of a local band they've tapped to help them with the game - Mo's Gold Teeth. We've reported previously that Runescape 3 is looking like a strange and wonderful browser-based MMO. This video features a lot of samples of their upcoming soundtrack and various ambient noises that will be in the game. Check out Runescape's Soundcloud page to listen to more music from the game.

Jagex is making a massive leap forward for all aspects of sound for RS3. The addition of voice acting and orchestral music is exciting for a game played in a browser. The local band they've tapped to add some unique Mo's Gold Teeth features 4 men and promises a Hiberno-Bulgarian folk revival. With 60 likes of facebook, it seems as though their revival is underway though they may receive a massive boost if their music in the world's largest sequel to the world's largest browser-based MMORPG isn't awful.
By 2003, RuneScape had around 65,000 subscriptions and as of 2012, Jagex employs over 500 employees and boasts over 200 million accounts. This tiny upstart has managed to become one of the most profitable studios in England without relying on any distribution service than an internet browser.
And it has also been feeding a large group of runescape gold farmers in China. They can also make millions dollars yearly by selling rs gold. Well, how great the RS is!