Staying in the Wilderness to gain more runescape golds

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An answer about how to avoid a scam in your runescape time

One of my friends asked a question : Can you buy RuneScape gold or is it a scam? Then I look up many sites and then summrize the answer for him.I also this answer can help others.

What is Ourania Cave

Ourania Cave contains the most unique Runecrafting altar in the game. At this altar it is possible to create any non combination rune without the need of any talisman or tiara.

Desert Slayer Dungeon

The Desert Slayer Dungeon, located in the center of Pollnivneach, is a great place for higher leveled players working on slayer to complete their tasks. It is home to a Banshee Mistress (111) and an Insectoid Assassin (141) during the Smoking Kills Quest.

Brimstail's Dungeon

Brimstail was mainly used to go to the Rune Essence mine, one of the many mages who had the ability to. Now he is most famous for starting and taking you through the quest, Eyes of Glouphrie.

Explanation of Runescape Part II

Every player has a set of skills that can be improved. The more a player practices, the higher their rating in that skill. A higher skill level unlocks new items and abilities.

Explanation of Runescape Part I

Runescape is a virtual world with monsters to kill, quests to complete and treasure to win. This browser-based multiplayer online role-playing game (MORPG) is not bought or downloaded, but runs off a website using JAVA.
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