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Desert Slayer Dungeon

The Desert Slayer Dungeon, located in the center of Pollnivneach, is a great place for higher leveled players working on slayer to complete their tasks. It is home to a Banshee Mistress (111) and an Insectoid Assassin (141) during the Smoking Kills Quest. After the quest is complete a Monstrous Cave Crawler (180), a Basilisk Boss (240), the Mightiest Turoth (180), and the Kurask Overlord (240) can all be found in this smokey, scary, scream filled dungeon.
One way to get there is go to the Shantay Pass located south of Al Kharid, once there buy a Shantay Pass from Shantay and go through the pass. After you go through the pass, buy a flying carpet ride to Pollnivneach, and head to the middle of the city and climb down the well.
Another way to get there is if you're in Sophanem you can take a flying carpet to Pollnivneach, and head to the middle of the city and climb down the well.
If your house is in Pollnivneach you can use the teleport to house spell, and run to the well and climb down.
If you own a Ring of Slaying you can use it to teleport to Sumona, and head down the well in the middle of the city.

If you have a Pharaoh's Sceptre you can teleport to the Desert Treasure Pyramid and run to Pollnivneach from there and go down the well.
Once you have made it to the center of Pollnivneach, there is a well.And then you can pick up some Runescape Gold from your money pack. Climb down it and you will appear in the Desert Slayer Dungeon. If you just want to speak to Catolax, you only need a Facemask to survive, but if you intend to progress, you will need Masked Earmuffs or a Slayer Helmet to survive against the Mighty Banshees.
Once you enter the well you will be in a room with Catolax, who was a major character in the Smoking Kills Quest. If you talk to him with the Amulet of Ghost Speak he will give you information about who Sumona really is. If you head west you will be at the entrance to the Smokey Well used in the Desert Treasure Quest. If you go north of Catolax you will be in a room filled with level 90 Mighty Banshees. They are aggressive and if you're not wearing Masked Earmuffs you will be attacked and your stats will drop dramatically.
If you are successful in defeating the Kurask Overlord or any of the other bosses in the dungeon you are then able to pass through their portal and fight their smaller counterparts for slayer tasks. After successfully defeating each monster you are rewarded with 1,000 slayer experience for a total of 4,000 slayer experience. If one of the monsters was your assigned slayer task at the time you can get an additional 960 slayer experience, for a total of 4,960.
Northwest of the Aberrant Spectres you will find a mystic portal and behind it, the level 240 Kurask Overlord. This creature and its minions can only be defeated if you have a Leaf-Bladed Spear, a Leaf-Bladed Sword, Broad Arrows, Broad-tipped bolts, or are using the Magic Dart Spell.
Now that you can go through to portals whenever you want without the bosses, you can kill Kurasks, Cave Crawlers, Basilisks, and Turoths in each room where the boss was defeated. Kurasks are located in the northwest section of the bottom level. They're level 106 and need level 70 Slayer with a Leaf-Bladed Sword, Leaf-Bladed Spear, Broad Arrows, Broad-tipped bolts, or the use of the Magic Dart Spell to kill them. They're aggressive and use melee attacks.You are welcome to choose Runescape Power Leveling from Kfcgold.