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What is Ourania Cave

Ourania Cave contains the most unique Runecrafting altar in the game. At this altar it is possible to create any non combination rune without the need of any talisman or tiara. The runes you craft are completely random and unpredictable but, the very nature of this altar allows you to craft runes that you do not have the minimum Runecrafting level to create otherwise. There is also a bank in this cave which has a fee of 20 runes per use. If you use this cave to Runecraft you will get fast experience but not make as much cash as you would if you made runes the traditional way (e.g. Natures through the Abyss).
Ourania Teleport
To use this spell, you need level 71 magic and must have also completed Lunar Diplomacy. Also, before this spell can be used you must visit Baba Yaga in her chicken house in the northern part of Lunar Isle with the Lunar Spellbook equipped. When you are there, she will tell you a brief story and you'll gain access to the spell. The spell requires 2 Astral Runes, 1 Law Rune and 6 Earth Runes to cast. This spell will teleport you to where all of the colored lines meet on the above map.
The Spirit Tree Network
If you have completed the Tree Gnome Village quest then you can use the Spirit Tree network to teleport to the Khazard Battlefield. From there head west following the yellow line on the above map.
The Fairy Rings
If you have completed Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen then you may use the Fairy Ring network to teleport to the south of Tree Gnome Village using the code CIQ. You will need a Dramen Staff or a Lunar Staff to do this. From where you appear head north until you cross a bridge and then north west until you reach the entrance. The line on the map representing this path is red.
Teleport to Ardougne
If you have completed Plague City and have at least level 51 magic you can teleport to Ardougne with 2 Law runes and 2 Water runes.All and all, you have to use Runescape Gold to get them in game. From here, walk West until you cross a bridge. From here head south west until you see the Spirit Tree. Now just head West until you're there. The light blue line represents this route.
Teleport to Castle Wars

With a Ring of Duelling, teleport to the Castle Wars lobby. Head outside and then north until you cross two bridges. Now head north east until you have passed the Observatory Village. Now just head north until you're there. The green line represents this route.
Take a Charter Boat
For a cost of up to 3,200 coins you can charter a ship to take you to Port Khazard from any other charter ship in Runescape. From Port Khazard you should head north west until you're there. The orange line represents this path.
Eniola is a representative from the Bank of RuneScape who was especially hired by the Zamorak Magical Institute to stand here and provide banking services to the Zamorak crafters. You will see the Crafters walking from the Altar to Eniola and then back again. He has been instructed to provide his services to you for a cost of 20 runes for every time you wish to access your bank account. Please note that this rune cost cannot be paid for using an elemental staff or combination runes.
All 20 runes must be of a single type. The cheapest way to do this is to carry a stack of several hundred body runes at all times within the cave. If you need more body runes you can easily buy them in large quantities for 16 coins each from rune shops such as Aubury in Varrock or Betty in Port Sarim. Another method to get masses of cheap runes is to buy bodies, minds and basic elemental runes off of other players for 10 to 15 coins each.