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Ways to find a RS Bot User on Runescape

It says that there are thousands of people are using rs bots. Some of them are the normal players and some of them are runescape gold farmers.
But how to identify a ruenscape botter in the game? Well, I will give you some tips which you can try to use them to find who is using bots in the game.
Look at their user name. Does it seem computer-generated? Is it just random letters and numbers? Some botting programs change the username, and since it is software, it has little creativity. This step should just raise your suspicion, and you should not take any immediate action until the player is confirmed as a bot.
Do they respond? Most the time a bot will not respond to your trade request or little "hi!" because no one is at the computer. Most Botters will bot during the hours of school/work or during the night 10pm-10am. Some modern bots can talk, however. See if they respond suspiciously, such as responding to the same question twice in the exact same way, or responding immediately.

Look in common bot hideouts. Yew trees, because their logs are so valuable, are very common trees for bots to be cutting. However, bots can also be found catching fish in Draynor Village, fishing for lobsters, or mining at the Crafting Guild. Bots can also be found picking flax and spinning it in Seer's Village and cutting down the magic tree's in Seer's village. They can also occasionally be found in the Dwarven Mines.
Ask a trick question. If they're mining, ask them they're woodcutting level. If they're woodcutting, ask them their smithing level. If they respond with the skill that they are currently working on, they're either bots or are easily-tricked humans.
If you are sure it is a bot, please just report them! Almost all bots either allow a player to gain large amounts of rs 2007 gold easily, which destroys the economy or gives them an unfair way to achieve levels regular players work for months to get.